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About jamey


Jamey Petty is a highly skilled, master framer and gilder, with an expertise in frame restoration and precious metal gilding. His training as a Journeyman Carpenter and 13 years as the head of Internal Logistics for Heffel Fine Art Auction House gave Jamey a unique expertise in the creation of period-style frames, each hand crafted and finished to showcase a significant work of art in a frame that is equal to it.  

For 10 years, Jamey has perfected and given new life to Emily Carr style mouldings, Lawren Harris Scoop frames and William Kurelek barn wood frames, adeptly replicating the designs of the original artist’s frames with hand-built mouldings. Jamey honed these skills while refurbishing old frames, a process that gave him an intimate understanding of the construction of each unique design. Jamey has perfected and updated the Boughton Frame, also known as the Harris Scoop frame, designed by Lawren Harris and used by most of Canada’s Group of Seven painters to showcase their work. This style of frame has become synonymous with Fine Canadian Art, and Jamey’s expertise in many types of gilding, including 23.5 karat gold, 12 karat white-gold, and silver leaf, he has taken this simple, elegant moulding to a new level of finesse. Jamey’s keen eye matches the artwork to the frame, creating unique, signature frames for hundreds of Canadian masterpieces.

Jamey also produces plinths, mounts and display cases for a variety of fine art objects including sculpture, masks and textiles, fine craft and jewellery. He is also a master installer and lighting technician, providing full service from the time he takes your precious works of art into his care until the time he returns them to your walls.